60 Games?! Rob Manfred, Austin Martin & Salt Water

Jake and Zubes are back to discuss the potential return of Major League Baseball, Blue Jays new draft pick Austin Martin and Kyrie and Durant fight against the league reopening. After that, it's the of-the-weeks and mailbags, where the guys talk about their fears of the dentist, their favourite bodies of water and how did the human race invent cheese? After answering all those important questions, they then finish up with sad / not sad.  

00:00 - How are we doing?

13:00 - Beer of the Month: Henderson Brewing Company


19:00 - Major League Baseball Returning?

20:00 - Stubbornness from Rob Manfred

23:50 - 60 Game Season Not Enough?

31:00 - Jays Select Austin Martin


40:00 - Kyrie & KD Fighting Back

46:00 - Older coaches may be asked to stay home.

50:00 - Is Jake Watching Soccer Update?

52:00 - Song of the Week: The National

54:00 - Match of the Week: Drag Race - Season 12

56:00 - What Doesn’t Freak Us Out


1:02:00 - What upgrades does Christie Pits need when Vlad and Bo are play in the IBL?

1:06:00 - If you could only eat at 3 restaurants for the rest of your life, which do you choose?

1:10:00 - What is your favourite accent?

1:12:00 - What type of doctor is your favourite and least favourite to go to?

1:15:00 - Is there a celebrity/public figure that either of you have an unreasonable hatred for

1:17:00 - What’s the best body of water?

1:20:00 - Are spiders good or bad?

1:22:00 - What is the coolest animal that has never had a big 4 sports team named after it?

1:23:00 - Best vessel to drink out?

1:24:00 - What is the optimal slice within a loaf?

How do you think they originally invented cheese?

Sad / Not Sad