Beer of the Week: Octopus Wants to Fight IPA

Listen to Jake and Zubes discuss their picks for beer of the week at 10:53

Octopus Wants to Fight, an IPA from Great Lakes Brewery, is this week's Sportsfeld Beer of the Week™! Brewed in Toronto, the IPA features strong pine notes complemented by tropical aromas, and is a staple in many local dives. As Zubes says, 'it's a beer that reminds you of bars', which is the highest compliment you can pay to a drink in these times.

An honourable mention goes out to our friends at Henderson and their Back in Black IPA. A beer that's a little darker and maltier but still packed with flavour, the Back in Black is also a great choice for summer nights. You can learn more about the Octopus Wants to Fight here, and check out the Back in Black IPA here.