Beer of the Week: Squints Sunflower Seed Gose

Listen to Jake and Zubes discuss the Beer of the Week at 13:14:

A classic ballpark snack, now in beer form! Squints is our latest Sportsfeld Beer of the Week™, brought to you by our friends at Left Field Brewery. Brewed with sea salt and Ontario malted sunflower seeds from Barn Owl Malt, Squints features a cascade of tasty flavours. It's a delicious, 100-level beer, according to Zubes. Its aftertaste — right when the sunflower seeds hit you — is simply excellent. It's sour and refreshingly complex, featuring a unique taste you can't find anywhere else. If you like sours and sunflower seeds, this is the beer for you.

Ballpark Pairings: Sushi, Sesame Snaps

To get your hands on the Squints Sunflower Seed Gose, head here. And for more options from our friends at Left Field Brewery, be sure to check out the rest of their beer selection.

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