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BONUS: An Interview with Ellie Ade Kur of Maggie’s TO

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As our ROP x Maggie’s TO Model Citizen shirt fundraiser winds down, we took some time to chat with Ellie Ade Kur of Maggie’s Toronto Sex Worker Action Project to discuss the work they do with local sex workers to empower them and enable them to work safely and with dignity. We discuss Maggie’s current and broader aims, the impact of COVID-19 on their work, Black Lives Matter and the push to defund the police, the effects of anti sex work legislation like SESTA/FOSTA, and what you can do to support causes like this. It’s not out of your hands!

Maggie’s TO:


Butterfly Asian And Migrant Sex Workers Network:




100% of all proceeds go to Maggie’s TO to support local sex workers impacted by COVID-19


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