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Cheating In Baseball! Astros, Transactions & Oh God We're Old

Now Magazines Top Podcast Is Back! Jake and Zubes return to your podcast player to chat about the Houston Astros cheating and vacating titles. While over in Raptors and Leafs land the guys talk about the real reason we are here, transactions! In the mailbag their asked about improv, coaches wearing uniforms and if you were a contestant on the Circle, would you be yourself or catfish? Finishing off the show is the weekly segment Sad / Not Sad.

:30 - Now Magazine! 

2:10 - Drake opened his home to Kawhi Leonard

4:30 - Henderson Brewery! 


6:45 - Cheating in Baseball

8:00 - Vacate the titles? 

9:40 - The Right way to steal signs

10:45 - Okay boomer

12:00 - Replay is making sport worse


16:55 - Raptors healthy

19:50 - The plan at the deadline

21:50 - Weak deadline class. Good thing?

23:05 - Transaction season awaits! 

Maple Leafs

24:50 - Rielly hurt

25:25 - Sandin Up! 

26:05 - Zubes Master Plan

29:50 - Who do you move? 

30:30 - Sure, Matthews and Marner are fun but they're no Zach Hyman

31:30 - Tradesfeld / Twitch Stream? 

35:20 - Song of the Week 

36:15 - Match of the Week / Existential Crisis of Being Old

41:25 - What is an Age? 

44:20 - Does this freak you out? (Aussie Fires - Fire Induced Thunderstorms) 


47:25 - Favourite warm destinations to travel to?

49:00 - Have you done improv? Do you like watching improv? 

53:10 - Over/Under MLB Plate Appearances for Travis Snider? 

53:30 - Which fast food franchise would you love to see in Toronto?

55:30 - Should coaches in other leagues wear uniforms? 

56:15 - Should Jose Altuve's MVP be revoked? 

57:25 - McGregor or Cowboy? 

57:40 - Which TV Show would you save from being cancelled? 

58:15 - Would you rather taste everything you see or hear everything you think? 

59:00 - What's your favourite instance of sports cheating or bending the rules? 

59:30 - If you were on the Circle, would you be yourself or catfish?

1:02:40 - Could you do the Gabe Kapler challenge? (40 nuggets with the skin pulled off) 

1:05:25 - Sad Not / Sad


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