First Overall! NHL Draft, Homeless Blue Jays & Holidays

Another day, another episode of Sportsfeld! In this episode the guys start off discussing the true meaning of Canada Day, before jumping in to how important wearing a mask is. Moving on to sports, Zubes asks Jake where the heck are the Toronto Blue Jays going to play in 2020? After that, they both joke about how amazing it is going to be when the Maple Leafs get 1st Overall in the NHL Draft. In the second half of Sportsfeld, it's the of-the-weeks where Jake shares his song of the week and Zubes praises AEW Tag Team FTR. Finally the guys open up the mailbag and talk about tombstones, their favourite holidays and talk boardgames, while finishing the show with Sad / Not Sad.

How Are We?

00:00 - Canada Day

07:00 - Wear A Mase

14:00 - Beer of the Month

Blue Jays

16:00 - Where in the world are the Blue Jays going to play?

The NHL Draft / Leafs Could Get #1?

28:00 - Would you rather win the cup or get 1st overall?

31:00 - Zubes ideal result is brilliant.

32:30 - Oh NHL!

34:00 - How would you change the NHL draft lottery format or do away with it altogether?

38:00 - Is Jake Watching Soccer Update?

41:00 - Song of the Week:

43:00 - Match of the Week:

45:00 - What doesn’t freak us out:


49:00 - Which of the big 4 sports would be most likely to succeed if the players decided to abandon ship and start their own league?

53:00 - What saying would you have scripted on your tombstone?

57:00 - You can pick 5 celebrities to be in your "Social Bubble", who are they and why?

1:02:00 - You get to rewatch a game with a player or coach who was involved. What are your top 3?

1:04:00 - Power rank the Ontario/Canadian holidays.

1:07:00 - What would your all Canadian stand up and live music festival lineup be like

1:09:00 - Favourite board games?

1:11:00 - Rank the best pasta shapes

1:14:00 - Sad / Not Sad