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How Linkin Park Helped Suburban Teenagers Feel Their Feelings

This week, we had Elamin Abdelmahmoud on the show to discuss Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory (2000), a seminal album in the nu metal lexicon.

Elamin, a culture writer for Buzzfeed News, recently published an introspective essay dissecting the impact of Linkin Park in the wake of Chester Bennington's passing. Here's a quick excerpt from his article, one we highly recommend taking the time to read:

The music was loud, chaotic, and unvarnished. The guitars were almost universally in drop-D tuning. The voices were hoarse and strained and occasionally unintelligible — nu metal was marked with growling and grunting and quick-paced syncopated scream-singing. The lyrics were obsessed with nihilism and angst and anti-authority, because of course they were.

Linkin Park may have burst on the scene during the nu metal bubble, but they opted for a broader spectrum of difficult emotions as opposed to the indistinguishable fury that marked the genre.

You can find the full article here.


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