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It's Going To Game 7, Right? Matthews, Lowry & Playoff Madness

On this episode of Sportsfeld Jake & Zubes were joined with Leafs reporter David Alter to chat about:

Toronto Temperature Check

It's Going To Game 7 Isn't It

David Alter Is Back

Refs Calling It Tight

Stick To The Plan

Freddy Anderson

Auston Matthews

How About That 4th Line!

Alter's Prediction A Buzzkill

Alter's Blue Jackets Victory Lap

This Jackets Win Is Good For The League, Right?

Blowing Up The Penguins?

Flames On The Ropes

Raptors Talk

Smothering Defence

JV In The Building: Back Too Soon?

Repeat Game 2

Prepping Yourself For Friday!


- Which Food Can You Eat Competitively?

- Could Only Choose 1 - Watch or Listen: Green Room or Mafuzzy Chef?

- Favourite Childhood Toy

- The Ultimate Snack In High Stress Situations?


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