Leaf Woes! Denis Malgin, PK Subban and AI vs. NASA

ICYMI: Sportsfeld Announces A Live Show at The Monarch Tavern

Jake and Zubes are back to discuss their displeasure with the Toronto Maple Leafs (10:40); but hey at least they made a transaction! Speaking of moves, the guys try to make PK Subban to the Leafs a thing. Transitioning to our favourite baseball club the Toronto Blue Jays, we may start to see some position battles coming up in Spring Training. Wrapping things up; Jake tries to freak out Zubes over AI and NASA but some how freaked himself out? And as always, the guys open up the mailbag and conclude by asking themselves the question: are you sad or not sad.

1:45 - Transactions!

5:25 - Brewery of the Month

8:00 - What's the deal with all this static?

10:40 - Advanced Stats: Please Explain

15:13 - Denis Malgin

17:10 - Johnsson Injured / Why did the Panthers trade Malgin?

19:02 - Leafs look bad

22:35 - Still in the playoffs / Boston always inevitable

23:04 - Deadline Plans / Kadri Regrets

25:35 - Discord Thoughts and Mike Lit

27:32 - Talking Subban into existence

33:02 - Jake Called the Raps losing

34:05 - Potential Playoff Matchups

35:20 - Baseball is falling apart

36:18 - Spring Training: Position Battles

37:25 - Jake: TJ Zeuch stan

38:30 - CTRL + F for Audio

40:30 - Pitchers: " A means to the ball being put in play"

44:02 - Song of the Week

46:07 - Match of the Week

47:45 - Does this Freak you Out? AI vs. NASA becomes Jake and Death

55:01 - Livefeld Update!


58:00 - What cartoon city would you like to live in?

59:45 - If there was a Toronto Sports Wrestlemania in 2020, which matches would be on the card?

1:01:00 - Someone decides to pay you significant sums of money to just write books about anything you want for the rest of your life. What would you write about?

1:03:00 - Would you rather Canada annex buffalo and western New York or America annex the Niagara region including Hamilton?

1:08:15 - Make an ultimate band filling a singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer from any band, what would it be. 1 caveat: you can't use the same band twice

1:16:30 - What would be your drag name?

1:23:02 - Sad/Not Sad