Leafs at the Break! Raptors Targets, The Circle & The Cat Days of Winter

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We've got a lot of things cooking, including a weekly Jays pod with Zubes, as well a really cool deep dive into some of Toronto's most iconic sports moments. Want to relive the Raptors championship, Bautista's bat flip or Matthews first night as a Leaf? We've got just the thing.

There's no bye week for Jake and Zubes, as they provide their thoughts and concerns with the Leafs as they head in to the back half of the season (7:50), and Blake Murphy pops in just to tell us all our Raptors trade ideas are bad (24:50). We give our thoughts on the #NewBlue (41:45), Larry Walker and a guy who played shortstop are Hall of Famers (43:30), which Simpson character we identify with (57:53) and the ideal breakfast (1:05:20). And of course we end off with everybody's favourite closer, Sad/Not Sad.

2:25 - Cat Days of Winter

4:23 - Leafs at the Half

5:06 - Oh wait! Beer! 

Leafs Talk:

7:50 - Thoughts on the Leafs

10:05 - "I still believe it in the sober light of day" Boston is just inevitable 

10:50 - Andersen Troubles: Why do people think Georgiev is the solution?

16:50 - Biggest Concern for the second half

20:00 - Are you exhausted by the Leafs?

22:35 - We're on Patreon

Raptors Talk:

24:50 - Raptors Trade Targets with Blake Murphy

32:38 - Jake's Crazy Targets

34:48 - Buyout Market 

38:35 - Joel Embid is a Fraud, started here

Jays Talk:

41:45 - New Jays Threads Thoughts

43:02 - Jays Prospects in the Top 100

43:40 - Larry Walker in the Hall of Fame

46:25 - Song of the Week 

47:14 - Match of.....Nevermind, let's talk the Circle

52:09 - Does This Freak You Out (Corona Virus) 


57:53 - Which Simpsons character do you identify with? 

1:00:08 - If North American sports had Promotion/Relegation, would that change your fandom? 

1:03:33 - If you could return one retired athlete for one more run, who would it be? 

1:05:20 - What does your ideal breakfast look like during a busy morning vs. a lazy morning? 

1:06:27 - If Toronto is given two CPL teams, where would you put them for the best rivalry? 

1:07:20 - If you were inducted in the Hall of Fame and your reaction was streamed live, what would you be wearing? 

1:10:23 - Sad/Not Sad