Let's Talk. Kobe Bryant, Mental Health & Privacy

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We've got a lot of things cooking, including a weekly Jays pod with Zubes, as well a really cool deep dive into some of Toronto's most iconic sports moments. Want to relive the Raptors championship, Bautista's bat flip or Matthews first night as a Leaf? We've got just the thing.

We take a moment away from the light hearted nature of sports to discuss the Kobe Bryant situation. The guys then try and turn the page and discuss Martha, the Royal Rumble and what freaks us out? We open the mailbag and ask the question which league has the worst referees and where do you add in a Toronto subway line? And of course we end off with everybody's favourite closer, Sad/Not Sad.

02:00 - Last call for Henderson Brewery 03:30 - Discord is popping off 04:45 - Kobe Bryant 19:50 - The Raptors game Sunday 21:45 - Great broadcasting

31:05 - Song of the Week: Martha 32:00 - Match of the Week: Royal Rumble 34:15 - Does this freak you out: Privacy Fears

37:15 - Can the Leafs find cheap talent for years 39:30 - Best & Worst officials 41:00 - Seattle Kraken, good or bad? 44:00 - OOTP Team Takeover 46:30 - Do you actually love us? 47:30 - Bad form, wearing opponent  signature shoes? 49:30 - Where do you build a TTC subway line? 53:00 - Christine Sinclair did it!

58:45 - Sad / Not Sad