Live At The House Party: Modest Mouse

Have you finished binge watching all of The OC and looking for something else to really sink in to, may we interest you in a couple hours of Modest Mouse live?

The latest concert in our Live At The House Party series is Modest Mouse Live @ Made In America Festival (2015). The festival featured the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Metric, Nick Jonas as well as heavy hitters J-Cole, The Weeknd and Beyonce. This may be the only time in Modest Mouse's career they opened for The Queen Bee.

Set List:

1. The World At Large - 1:52

2. The Dark Center Of The Universe - 6:22

3. Ocean Breathes Salty - 11:11

4. Lampshades On Fire - 15:15

5. The Tourist And The Tourist - 18:45

6. This Devil's Workday - 23:00

7. Missed The Boat - 26:15

8. The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box - 31:04

9. Float On - 36:45

10. Sugar Boats : 40:48

11. Dashboard - 44:53

12. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes - 49:29

Looking for more Modest Mouse content? We have a few other live performances for you to watch, not to mention a great documentary by Pitchfork about the band.

Modest Mouse - Coachella 2013

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