Live At The House Party: The Killers

Looking for a cozy weekend on the couch listening to The Killers Live at The Royal Albert Hall? We have you covered gang.

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The Killers: Live At Royal Albert Hall

We have scoured the internet trying to find the best liver performances from The Killers and we have settled on this 2009 classic. This concert features hits from both Sam's Town & Hot Fuss, so you know it is going to slap.

Set List:

01:30 - Human

05:46 - Somebody Told Me

9:10 - The World We Live In

13:49 - Joy Ride

18:10 - Spaceman

24:08 - Sam's Town

28:12 - Read My Mind

34:34 - Mr. Brightside

38:20 - All These Things That I've Done

44:20 - Jenny Was a Friend Of Mine

49:00 - When You Were Young

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