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  • Sportsfeld

Livefeld! Raps Streak, Jack Campbell & Appetizers

Big Announcement - Sportsfeld Announces A Live Show at The Monarch Tavern and on today's episode we chat about the Toronto Raptors and their 15 & 0 run and who they are projected to get in the first round of the playoffs (10:15). Speaking of playoffs, Zubes dreams of crushing frauds all the way to a second Larry O'Brien trophy (16:05). Over in Leafs land they found themselves a goalie to back up Freddie (28:15) and Jake suggests making cap space by using LTIR again (34:00). The guys then turn the page and open up the mailbag (55:00) and are asked who their favourite play-by-play announces (57:20) are and rank the provinces (1:00:45). And of course we end off with everybody's favourite closer, Sad/Not Sad (1:13:00).

00:00 - We are back!

04:00 - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Sportsfeld Live!

07:30 - Brewery of the Week - Saulter Street Brewing

Raptors Talk

10:15 - 15 and 0

14:20 - Potential Playoff Matchups

16:05 - Fraud exposure season.

17:30 - The Warriors are coming back next season

20:00 - Buyout Crushes

24:10 - Coach of the Year Nick Nurse

Leafs Talk

28:25 - Introducing Jack Campbell

33:45 - LTIR Cody Ceci?

35:50 - Jake's Dream Line

37:20 - Tyson Barrie Hate?

Jays Talk

40:15 - Dave Hudgens Cheating Talk

46:00 - Song of the Week

46:45 - Match of the Week

48:45 - Does This Freak You Out: Aliens!?


55:00 - Which small city can the Rays move to and find similar success?

57:20 - Best / Worst Play-By-Play?

1:00:00 - Keep one: Johnsson, Kapanen, Hyman?

1:00:45 - Rank the provinces

1:04:10 - What do you look for in a dog in a dog show?

1:05:00 - Zoo or Aquarium on shrooms?

1:06:00 - Last sporting event you could ever watch?

1:08:10 - Favourite Appetizers?

1:13:00 - Sad / Not Sad