Mailbag: Top 5 Frasier Episodes

This past month has been a lot to handle and when situations like these arrive, people tend to search for distractions, something that makes you feel comfortable, like a warm hug on a cold day. The Zubes’ warm hug? Getting comfy on the couch and watching reruns of his favourite sitcom Frasier.

Obviously the Sportsfeld faithful knew that our boy, the Zubes was rewatching and asked him what his Top 5 favourite episodes were and here is the rundown! (Listen at the 54:30 mark)

5. The 1000th Show - S05E05

As art imitates life in the 100th episode of 'Frasier,' Dr. Frasier Crane realizes his landmark 1000th show is two weeks away and convinces the station to organize a celebration for the momentous occasion at Seattle's Space Needle. Niles, fed up with all of the hoopla and feeling jealous of his older brother, is immediately contrite when it looks like the two siblings may not make it to the festivities on time. Meanwhile, Roz is slowly becoming accustomed to her impending motherhood. (IMDB)

4. The Show Where Diane Comes Back (S03E14)

Oh boy, a full on Cheers x Frasier cross over episode! In this one Frasier panics at a surprise visit from his ex-fiancée, Diane, who once left him at the altar. Frasier tries to find closure with her by expressing his feelings about the way she treated him, but Diane's problems come up first and is on the verge of a breakdown and of course old Frasier Crane comes to the rescue.

3. Room Service (S05E15)

Frasier's ex-wife Lilith is in town, vulnerable from the dissolution of her second marriage and Frasier is worried that they will end up sleeping together. The twist is that Niles and Lilith end up spending the night together and they have to try and keep Frasier from finding out.

2. Head Game (S04E05)

Niles fills in for Frasier during his week-long leave of absence and his advice to one of Bulldog's guests, a basketball player, turns his game around. (IMDB)

1. The Ski Lodge (S05E14)

Many of Frasier's greatest episodes revolve around the basic comedy of errors and miscommunication format. But this series takes this familiar trope of comedic storytelling and elevates it to an entirely new level of art. One of the best episodes to highlight this fact was the fifth season entry "The Ski Lodge." This episode finds various romantic miscommunications taking place while the core characters take a trip to a ski lodge, during which Niles and Daphne, in particular, find themselves embroiled in various love triangles, and Frasier feels undesirable and alone. (IMDB)