Match of the Week: Raven vs. Goldberg (WCW, 1998)

Updated: May 3, 2020

Listen to Zubes talk about the Match of the Week at the 43:20 mark below!

This week’s Sportsfeld Match of the Week is Raven vs Goldberg from WCW Thunder. It was an important fixture for both sides, with Raven aiming to defend the United States Championship belt he had won the night before, while fan favourite Goldberg was looking to extend his unbeaten streak to 75 straight victories.

One of the best 5 minute bouts in wrestling history, the match features everything you could ask for, with Goldberg and Raven both showcasing new moves and expanded skill sets in front an absolutely raucous crowd that only the late 90’s could bring.

Watch the match in it’s glorious entirely below!

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