Mixtape Update: Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

Listen to Blake, Jake & guest host Sarah McDonald discuss the song at 39:55 below!

'Jenny Is A Friend of Mine', the opening track from the Killer's 2004 debut album 'Hot Fuss', is this week's addition to the Columbia House Party mixtape. A song that hides its murderous intentions and true-crime storyline behind an infectious bassline, 'Jenny Was a Friend of Mine' is a strong showcase of the vocal stylings and synth influence that fans of the band would grow to love.

The song is based on the true story of Robert Chambers, known to the 80's media as 'The Preppy Killer' because of his private-school background. After being arrested in connection with the murder of a woman named Jennifer Levin, he claimed in his defence that he couldn't have been the one responsible because 'Jenny was a friend of mine'. Not the strongest legal defence, as he was eventually sentenced to prison, but a haunting story behind a beautiful song.

Listen to the song and the rest of the Columbia House Party mixtape!