Name! That! Team! Bubble Updates, Mickey Mouse Theory & 80s Bangers

This week Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl open things up with a discussion of what the Rasheed Wallace experience might have looked like had he ever played games in cavernous empty gyms before digging into the latest good and bad news updates from inside the bubble. They also talk about Mark Cuban's crusade against the National Anthem Police and the WNBA's inconsistency in dealing with medical exemptions. Next they revive "Mascot Theory" to do a deep dive on Mickey Mouse, who is the worst of the Disney characters; like seriously, why does he exist. Lastly, inspired by Hassan Whiteside's belting out of "Jessie's Girl" on IG, Sean and Katie test out a new (excellent) segment where they try to match NBA teams up with hit bangers from the 80s. All that, plus their Posters of the Week!

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