NBA Playoff Preview! Raptors vs. Magic & the Rest

On this week's episode of Sportsfeld Jake & Zubes chat about:

Introducing Blake Murphy our NBA & Raptors expert

Who on the Magic are we worried about?

T-Ross 'The Vet'

It shouldn't go 7 games

A 7-man rotation?

What if Kawhi doesn't have another gear?

Orlando has the Raptors beat in on position

Is the media sleeping on Toronto?

That wouldn't dare to manage the load in the first round, right?

Raptors in ______

Eastern Conference Run-Down

Western Conference Run-Down

Playoff Mailbag:

Best Raptors game to watch on repeat forever?

Over/Under: 130 points for T-Ross?

Which NBA team does Stuber cheer for?

Jeremy Lin won't play right?

Raptors version of Legends Row?