No Crowds? Sports Without Fans, The Fall of NCAA & Best Chips!

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As we near the end of the seventh week of social distancing, Jake & Zubes discuss how strangely normal quarantine has become, and the best ways to do nothing. Then, they move to the sports world to discuss the NFL draft and whether or not they really miss sports, before talking about the importance of crowds, as well as the future of the NCAA. After that, it's on to the mailbag, where they discuss the future of the CFL, their favourite chip flavour, and their deep level of respect for Post Malone. And finally, a Sad or Not Sad, where the hosts discuss the importance of love in the time of apocalypse. INTRO

[0:00] How are we doing?

[4:00] Getting adjust to the new normal

[9:00] T-Shirt Update

[10:40] Beer of the Week

[14:00] Increasing positivity


[17:30] Did you watch the NFL Draft?

[22:40] What's the meaning of sports without crowds?

[31:10] The NBA/NHL re-opening training facilities

[34:00] Is this the end of NCAA Basketball? / Future of the G-League


[41:30] Song of the Week

[43:15] Match of the Week

[45:30] What's keeping you not freaked out?


[51:30] What's the last thing you bought online after having a bad experience with a similar product?

[52:40] Is COVID-19 the end of the CFL?

[57:10] With Post Malone doing a pretty awesome job doing Nirvana covers, what current musician/band would you like to see cover an older band?

[58:40] Can you care about “your” team from a time before you cared?

[1:00:00] What is the best song where the music video takes place at a house party?

[1:01:55] What ballpark food item are you going to get first when Baseball is back with fans?

[1:03:20] Favourite kind of chips?

[1:04:00] Would Sportsfeld like to join the Jaycee Hive, in support of NWHL Toronto draft pick Jaycee Gebhard?

SAD OR NOT SAD [1:06:30]