Other People! Pandemic, Sports & Frasier Talk

Jake & The Zubes return to their happy place and are so glad to be back. Honestly the last time both hosts saw another person aside from their spouse was the last episode record! The guys took the first twenty minutes catching up on life and how they are dealing under these circumstances. After the pleasantries they jump in to sports and talk about how much historical sports coverage has helped them cope. Zubes gives us the latest of wrestling gossip and guess what? Vince McMahon is a bad person. We then open up the mailbag and chat about weddings, Sportsfeld The Movie and Frasier. And of course we finish with Sad / Not Sad.

Intro: We are back!

03:00 - How are we doing?

05:15 - The mental gymnastics of a regular cold

08:00 - Cool Hand Jake

11:30 - What are we drinking?

18:00 - Things are not that bad

Sports Talk!

22:00 - Is historical viewing helping you?

27:30 - Fight Island, But Baseball!

32:00 - Does your live event viewing change?

35:00 - Song of the Week: Everything in its right place - Radiohead

39:15 - Match of the Week: Firefly Funhouse

44:00 - Does This Freak You Out: Group Chats Keeping Us Safe


45:15 - What's the thing you miss most, that you took for granted before?

47:00 - What are you the most proud of within your time in quarantine?

49:00 - Have the plans for the weddings changed?

50:30 - What’s the sport you would draw the line at watching during isolation if it was on tv?

53:00 - If Sportsfeld was a movie, who would you cast?

54:30 - What’s the worst bar in the city that you would accept going to right now just to get a night out?

55:15 - Do you have an irrational thing that bugs the hell out of you?

58:00 - Top 3 Frasier episodes?

1:00:30 - You get to go back to the day Toronto was founded and pick a small plot of land that would be yours forever. The rest of the city would continue to grow as it has. Where would your plot of land be?

1:02:00 - What’s the best meal you or your fiancés have cooked in isolation?

1:03:30 - What is the last place you went to for the first time?

1:05:00 - What have you rewatched?

1:08:00 - Sad / Not Sad