Play Ball! MLB Returns, NHL HOF & Top Muppets

Jake, Zubes & Baseball Are Back! In this episode the guys discuss the 60-game baseball season, how it matters to the Toronto Blue Jays and is Jake watching soccer? After that, it's the of-the-weeks where Jake shares his song of the week and Zubes praises local comedian Brandon Ash Mohammed. Finally the guys open up the mailbag and talk about Animorphs, The Muppets and athletes in academia, while finishing the show with Sad / Not Sad.


00:00 - How Are We?

11:00 - Beer of the Month

Major League Baseball:

13:00 - Baseball Is Back!

24:00 - Blue Jays Schedule :

27:00 - Nate Pearson

30:00 - Surprise MLB Team

Other Sports:

32:00 - NHL Hall of Fame

36:00 - Is Jake Watching Soccer Update?

Of The Weeks:

43:00 - Song of the Week

44:00 - Match of the Week

46:00 - What doesn’t freak us out


52:00 - What is the best carb?

54:00 - If you could transform Animorph style, what animal would you transform into?

56:00 - What will the description be in the footnotes to describe the teams that win championships from this season?

57:30 - In your opinion what is the worst flavour of chips

59:00 - Who are your top three favourite muppets?

1:00:30 - When did you get lost in Toronto only to find yourself at a location you now love.

1:02:00 - What athletes that don’t already have advanced degrees do you think would be best suited to the world of academia?

1:06:00 - Sad / Not Sad