Predictions! David Price, Jays Anger & Fred VanVleet

Zubes and Jake are back to discuss their displeasure in the Blue Jays offseason moves; were their valuations that far off? While this hasn't been an ideal free agency, they may be involved in the trade market soon - paging David Price? Transitioning to our favourite basketball club the Toronto Raptors, it's becoming apparent the Fred vs. Kyle debate is going to come at us hot and heavy. Wrapping things up; Zubes rants about the rich and the mailbag brings questions of all-decade play ball team, the World Juniors and it's shrimp season! As always, the guys conclude by asking themselves the question: are you sad or not sad.

Thank you to Radical Road Brewing for another great beer: Slingshot. 

00:30 - Immediate weather update 

02:15 - Radical Road Brewery is back!

Toronto Blue Jays

04:30 - Your Toronto Blue Jays

05:15 - Is the anger warranted?

08:00 - Atkins and Shapiro’s valuations were very wrong 

10:15 - We were never going to get Cole!

12:36 - What’s bugging Zubes, it’s not just pitching. 

14:20 - *whispers* What about David Price?

17:00 - Biggio for Betts? 

Raptors Talk 19:00 - Raptors Talk

19:30 - Norm Mamba to the bench? 

22:46 - 3 Week Predictions! 

24:15 - Blue Jays Prediction

31:00 - Raptors Prediction

35:00 - Maple Leafs Prediction

Not So New Segments:

40:00 - Song of the Week presented by Columbia House Party 

43:16 - Match of the Week 

45:55 - Does this freak you out? 


51:46 - All play bald decade team?

53;15 - Worst Christmas party story? 

56:30 - Athletes getting caught on tinder?

58:20 - Worst Toronto team of the decade?

1:00:05 - Favourite obscure World Juniors moment?

1:05:30 - Blue Jays team of the decade 

1:06:20 - Best holiday exclusive food?

1:08:00 - Sad Not Sad

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