Puck Drop? NHL Return, Bellwoods & Cheat Codes

A new episode of Sportsfeld is here! This week Jake & Zubes start by discussing the hordes of people who packed themselves into Bellwoods this past weekend, the formats of an NHL & NBA return, and the pros & cons of artificial crowd noise. After that, it's the of-the-weeks and mailbags, where the guys talk about their favourite batting stances, their first beer, and Jake explains his deep hatred for waterparks.

If you haven't seen yet on our social media, Sportsfeld has chosen to partner with Red Door Family Shelter to raise awareness of their services in our community. We are pledging to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Limited-Edition Sportsfeld x Red Door t-shirt and reinforce the idea that when we work together to help each other, we change lives. Enjoy the episode!


0:00 | How are we doing?

2:00 | Packed Bellwoods

9:30 | John Tory at Bellwood

11:30 | Beer of the Week SPORTS 15:10 | NHL returns

22:00 | What's the point in coming back? 26:20 | NBA potential World-Cup style format

35:00 | Fake crowd noise

40:00 | Labour issues/Future MLB Strike OF THE WEEKS

44:00 | Song of the Week

47:15 | Match of the Week

50:00 | What Doesn't Freak You Out? MAILBAG 54:40 | What's the craziest batting stance you've seen?

56:55 | Who had your favourite set of goalie pads? 59:15 | What's your favourite non-Konami cheat code?

61:20 | What would you do if your child became a Boston sports fan?

63:50 | What was the first beer you got drunk off of? 66:00 | Would you prefer to have an empty waterpark or themepark to yourself? 69:25 | What's the sickest you've ever been?

72:10 | What's the sickest you've ever been?

73:15 | Which country has the best name?

74:10 | Build a softball team of movie characters 77:30 | With the rise of remote work, would you leave Toronto? SAD OR NOT SAD?

82:55 | Sad/Not Sad