• Sportsfeld

Salad Skate: Roy Halladay, NHL All-Star & NBA Trade Deadline

On this weeks episode of Sportsfeld we chat about:

02:30 - Scott Lewis is back!

04:55 - Harry Leroy Halladay / No Logo

05:45 - Roy's legacy inside and outside Toronto

07:25 - The history of Toronto hating the star that leaves

12:58 - What did we get for Halladay?

16:13 - Kawhi buys a house in San Diego (SCU)

18:30 - What are the Raps doing at the deadline?

24:00 - Secondary scorer

26:18 - Oilers talk: What in the world is going on?

30:30 - NHL All-Star

31:22 - Mixed All-Star Game

34:20 - Why isn't the league bigger?

35:15 - The Salad Skate Solves All Problems

38:30 - Imagine if the Islanders upset the Leafs?

39:45 - Marner negotiations

41:48 - Mailbag

Who gets the most love in a Toronto bar?

Who’s the most exciting non-Vlad Blue Jay?

Wedding Talk! Pete Carroll 9/11 talk or Kyrie flat earth talk?

How many wings is too many?

Daniel Bryan or Kenny Omega?

1:03:52 - Sad / Not Sad


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