Second Round Sportsfeld! Raptors vs. 76ers, Vlad Jr. & Leafs Sadness

Today on Sportsfeld Jake & Zubes are joined by Raptors expert Blake Murphy from The Athletic.

They chat about:

Raptors vs. Magic Recap

Philadelphia Preview

Raptors Temperature Check

What Is Success For The Raptors?

Key Matchups

Danny Green's Time To Shine?

Kawhi vs. Simmons

Series Predictions

How Critical Is Game One?

Boston vs. Bucks

Shoutout To Dame!


What Did We Do To Deserve This? (Leafs Talk)

More Stress: Planning A Wedding or Game 7?

How Are You Celebrating Vlad Day?

Thiccest Boy: Vlad or Lowry?

Should The Leafs Sign Justin Williams?

Your 40-Yard Dash Time?

Biggest Event This Weekend: End Game, Game of Thrones or Vlad Day?

Wolfpack Mascot?