Song of the Week: Everything in its Right Place

The Sportsfeld Song of the Week is 'Everything in its Right Place' by Radiohead. The leading track off of their classic album Kid A (2000), the track marked a change for the band, shifting from their guitar centric sound to a glitchier, synthesizer heavy style that Jake calls 'music for the apocalypse'. Strangely fitting for these times.

Listen to Jake & Zubes discuss the song at 36:40

Although there hasn't been an album of new Radiohead material since 2016's a Moon Shaped Pool, in January of this year the band released the Radiohead Public Library. The site is a treasure trove containing albums, videos, merch, artwork, and anything else you can imagine. For fans of the band, everything really is in the right place. Radiohead's entire discography is available to stream for free on Youtube, or you can find them on Spotify, Apple Music, or likely in your own record collection. Looking for more Radiohead content? Jake's other podcast Columbia House Party reviewed their 2007 hit In Rainbows a few weeks ago.