NBA Champions! Game Six Recap, Golden State's Future & More

On this episode a very hungover Jake & Zubes chat about the NBA Champions the Toronto Raptors and...

Game Six Breakdown

City Celebrations / Our Celebrations

Kyle Lowry, Wow!

No Matter What Happens, We Love Kawhi

Worst Reservation Ever!

Parade Talk

Golden State's Future?

Back To Back Right?


Which Raps player are you the happiest for?

what would you give Kawhi as a housewarming gift?

How much have you spent on championship merch?

After the win, what was the best moment of last night for each of you?

Since it links the two stadiums, should Bremner become the "Toronto Sports" street with statues, a walk of fame, etc? If so, what would you want to see included?

When did your confidence/hope reach its lowest point?

Rename Maple Leaf Square?

If Kawhi leaves in the off-season should the Raptors retire his number once he retires?

If the Raptors were coming to your apartment for a celebration dinner, what would you make them?

Does a Canadian Champion in a Major Sport visit the White House?