Transaction Season! Raps Free Agency, Blue Jays Baseball & Blake Murphy

On this episode of Sportsfeld Jake, Zubes and our guest Blake Murphy chat about...


- The joy of working the Championship

- Raptors Free Agency

- Lets give it up for Bobby Webster

Blue Jays:

- Lets get back to low stake sports... The Blue Jays

- The Jays are bad

- Time to doubt the front office?

- Where is this magical pitching coming from?

- They are going to lose 105 Games.


- AD to the Lakers

- Give it up for the Celtics!


- How long was the hangover?

- Why do Torontonians dismiss the CFL?

- Nick Nurse coaching Canada!

- How long does this championship calm down Toronto sports fans?

- Best In Bed Snack?

- Raptors Christmas Game?

- Best Alcohol & Desert Combo?

Sad / Not Sad.