He Gone! What's Next For The NBA Champions, #MarnerWatch & More Fingerprint Talk

On this episode of Sportsfeld, Jake & Zubes and Matthew Scianitti of TSN talk about...

Raptors Talk:

- Kawhi is not coming back

- Paul George... wild card

- Clippers trade, huh

- Toronto Fans not rational?!

- Remember the good moments

- The new future Raptors

- Nick Nurse’s real test

- Masai's ruthlessness

Blue Jays Talk:

- They are a long ways away

- Stroman & Deadline Day

Maple Leafs:

- Extensions

- Codi Ceci might be bad?

- How do these guys fit Babcock’s system?

- Marner’s future


- Fingerprints are not unique Pt. 2!

- Best TV Theme?

- Best Weird Al song?

- North or South of College?

- Best Sports Video Game?

- Best Tour Bib?

- Best Sports Giveaway?

- Optimal Airport Arrival Time?

- Best Punchable Fans?

- US Soccer Team, Loveable or Naw?

Sad / Not Sad