Extrapolate This! Area 51, Wimbledon & A Woj Bomb

On this episode of Sportsfeld, Jake & Zubes chat about some of the weeks hottest topics like...

- Storming Area 51

- Summer In The City

- Indy Car Corner

WOJ BOMB: Westbrook for Paul

- OKC Have Too Many Picks

- Houston Isn't Going To Work

- What About The East?

- What Does It Mean For The Raptors?

- Where Did The Championship Feeling Go?

Vlad JR Hits Bombs

- Arrival To The Big Show

- A Vince Carter Moment

- Is This Still A Non-Factor?

Stro Talk

- He's So Good At PR

- The Jays Not Interested In Winning / Paying

- Questioning The FO

- Go Back To David Price's 2015 Stats!


- Prince William... WOOF

- Can't Believe Roger Lost?!

- 37 Isn't That Old

- Serena Would Crush You All!


- How much jail time would you serve in exchange for finding out exactly what's going on at Area 51?

- What's your favourite game show? Which show would you have the best chance of winning?

- Which sport would improve the most if doping was legal?

- Which G1 entrant is your comparable?

- Who is Matt Thomas' best comp in the G1?

- What discontinued fast food item is your favourite?

- Tour de France, Wimbledon final, Toronto Indy... was this the whitest time to be a sports fan?

- Should Drag Race Canada let queens from other countries compete?

- Changing jersey numbers (Lebron, Nylander, etc), who cares or fuck capitalsim?

Sad / Not Sad