Chicken Wing Day! Stroman Trade, Tulo & Kaitlyn McGrath

On today's episode of Sportsfeld Jake & Zubes get The Athletic's Kaitlyn McGrath on the phone from Kansas City to chat about...

- Marcus Stroman Trade

- His League Wide Value

- Club House

- Bo Bichette

- More Trades

- Troy Tulowitski Retires

- Boomers Hate Injured Rich Guys

- Remembering 2015!

- Should We Have Went All In In 2016?

Trivia: Saying Goodbye via REALLY Hot Wings!

- Tulo Trivia

- Kawhi Trivia

- Stroman Trivia


- Do you guys have any other punk rock recommendations for me to check out?

- If you were only allowed to eat at restaurants on one street in Toronto, which would it be? - What feelings do you get when you see a big money athlete has become bankrupt after retirement?

- What's something you know nothing about that you always wanted to learn more about? - What's the least best lineup you could justify dropping like $80 to drag yourself out to the Sound Academy for?

Sad / Not Sad