Bo Knows Sportsfeld! Blue Jays, Bianca & Basketball

After a summer break the boys are back in the studio! Jake and Zubes dig into how the Jays are sneaky fun and how we should all take a moment to appreciate this stage of the rebuild. They move into Bianca Andreescu’s dominance on the court and how Kaitlyn McGrath called it and Canada Basketball’s horrendous outing at the FIBA World Cup. The mailbag has three new segments featuring questions about being unbelievably good at a sport, if the U.S. Open is the best Grand Slam, who will win more games; the Leafs or Raptors, and of course a solid Drag Race question. Don’t forget to stick around for Sad / Not Sad and we’ll see ya next week. That’s the damn show!


[00:00:28] - Look at us! On video for the first time

[00:01:03] - You good with taking August off?

[00:03:18] - Does Bianca Andreescu have an asterisk?

[00:03:58] - We’re wrong a lot / Canada Basketball suffers

[00:04:28] - Raps are throwback jersey are fire

[00:05:28] - Football!

Blue Jays:

[00:07:28] - The sneaky fun, Toronto Blue Jays

[00:07:38] - Bo Bichette is so good

[00:08:16] - Bo plays good Canadian Hockey-style-Baseball

[00:10:03] - Remember to enjoy the other things (cause they ain’t winning)

[00:13:04] - What it is to be a Jays fan

[00:16:21] - This team can be built into a 84 win team very quickly, but how do they get to 95

[00:19:28] - Reflecting on the Stroman / Sanchez trade after 30 days

[00:24:03] - Here’s some names - free agents the Jays could target

Bianca Andreescu:

[00:28:50] - We had it first - Sportsfeld (read: Kaitlyn McGrath) called Bianca’s greatness

[00:30:25] - Bianca seems a little disingenuous when she speaks

[00:32:47] - B’s dominating hardcore

[00:34:07] - Canada rallies hard for their tennis stars

Canada Basketball:

[00:35:07] - What a shit show

[00:35:52] - What does it take to get your basketball players to come play?

[00:38:45] - Do we (as fans) make this out to be more than it is?


[00:42:33] - Jake’s song of the week

[00:43:33] - Zube’s match of the week

[00:44:52] - Does this freak you out? (a million years is so many 31s)

[00:48:28] - If you could be unbelievably great at any sport, which would you choose?

[00:52:16] - Is the US Open the best Grand Slam?

[00:54:23] - Which team will win the most games next season; Leafs or Raptors?

[00:57:43] - Is the Lip-Sync-For-Your-Life battle fair?

[01:00:55] Sad / Not Sad

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