She The North! Marner, Jays & Coffin Challenge

Jake and Zubes are back for another episode of Sportsfeld! This week, the boys look back on the triumph of Bianca Andreescu’s victory over Serena Williams at the US Open. Maple Leafs training camp inches closer, will Mitch Marner sign? Over in baseball the Jays approach the final stretch of the season, weaknesses are discovered as the team loses a season high 7 games straight. The mailbag this week features questions such as the boys earliest sports memories, Bianca’s accomplishments when stacked up against other Canadian athletes and ridiculous baseball acronyms. Closing off the show is the weekly Sad / Not Sad segment. Enjoy the show!


[00:00:31] Check us out on Youtube!

[00:01:21] This week’s segments 

[00:02:32] (Lack of) Raptors news; Marc Gasol next year 

Bianca Andreescu:

[00:03:37] Jake has no idea what he said last week

[00:05:01] Andreescu overpowering Williams

[00:06:01] US Open vs Williams, tough place to play 

[00:07:15] Does she seem disingenuous?

[00:08:40] Expectations for Bianca 

[00:10:14] Zube's take: Bianca has a path to be the No. 1 seed in the World

[00:11:03] Individual vs team sports when talking about Championship Titles

[00:12:36] Bianca's composure on the court 

[00:14:23] "She’s our Canadian girl"

Maple Leafs:

[00:16:01] Will Mitch Marner sign before camp?

[00:16:30] Leafs reported offer to Marner

[00:19:14] Should the Leafs spend to the cap limit? 

[00:19:57] Marner needs to decide if he wants to play in Toronto

[00:20:50] Answering the question- will he sign?

[00:23:41] Opinions on Leafs captaincy 

Blue Jays:

[00:25:06] Jays lose 7 straight, started 20 pitchers this season

[00:27:00] Will the Jays lose 100 games? 

[00:29:41] “Reese f***ing McGuire”

[00:32:03] Looking to the Jays future


[00:34:34] Zube's Match of the Week

[00:35:49] Jakes Song of the Week 

[00:37:02] Does this freak you out? (30-Hour Coffin Challenge at Six Flags)

[00:42:31] Whales?

[00:46:17] What is your earliest sports memory?

[00:49:02] What e-sport could you go pro in?

[00:51:37] Where does Bianca’s US Open win rank amongst individual Canadian sports accomplishments? 

[00:54:58] Are you able to listen to the sound of your own voice?

[00:58:05] Favourite sports bar memory

[01:02:15] Better baseball acronym: TOOTBLAN vs. FARTSLAM

[01:03:21] Sad / Not Sad

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