Marner Gets Paid! Leafs Sign Mitch, Vladdy Jr. & UFOs

This week sit back, relax and crack open a cold one with the boys as a new segment makes its debut: Brewery of the Month. With the NHL season inching ever closer, Mitch Marner finally signs a contract with the Maple Leafs. With the deal done, the boys share their thoughts on the signing and what it means for the team and the fans. In Jays' land, or more specifically Vladdy Junior-ville, the boys speak on his lacklustre performance over the past months. Is this a sign of what's to come? And on the Raptors front Gasol sees success on the international level, the guys give their input on the upcoming NBA season and how they feel on the future of the Raptors post-chip. The mailbag is packed with questions on chicken sandwiches, best and worst named places in Ontario, and Zubes' favourite subject, whales. We wrap up with everyone's favourite segment - Sad / Not Sad


[00:00:44] This weeks topics

[00:01:48] Brewery of the Month: Left Field Brewery

Leafs Preseason & News

[00:06:05] Mitch Marner Signs

[00:08:32] Obsession is ‘surplus value’

[00:09:20] Are the Leafs overpaying? Comparing Marner and Tavares

[00:11:32] Looking at the Raptors situation last offseason

[00:12:33] Leafs current defensive situation

[00:13:34] Forward depth chart and bottom talent

[00:16:21] “Don’t worry about 2022”

Blue Jays: ‘The Vlady Issue’

[00:18:10] Jays looking to avoid 100 losses

[00:18:30] Vlad struggles to meet expectations

[00:20:16] Biggio has a higher OPS than Vlad; good, bad, or both?

[00:21:17] Comparing Soto and Acuna with Vlad’s performance

[00:23:50] “But he’s 20!”

[00:25:45] Looking at athlete psychology

[00:27:57] “This year doesn’t matter”

Miscellaneous News

[00:28:58] Steph Curry has a Box and One hoodie

[00:29:22] Parade Marc Gasol

[00:30:17] Virtue and Moir retire

[00:31:22] Ibaka turns 30 and the Raps this coming season


[00:34:32] Jake’s Song of the Week

[00:35:45] Zube’s Match of the Week

[00:37:12] Does this freak you out? (The Pentagon’s response to UFO sightings)

[00:45:25] Would you rather?

[00:49:09] The best / worst named places in Ontario

[00:50:42] Would you freeze time for one year?

[00:53:10] What's your favourite whale?

[00:58:01] Are you a Trixie or a Katya?

[00:58:38] New Segment: Beer of the Month

[01:01:34] Sad / Not Sad

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