This Is The Year! Maple Leafs, NHL & Best Toronto Bar

The good 'ol hockey game is back and YBTZ & Jake are back for another edition of Sportsfeld! First the guys chat about Brewery of the Month and the brand new merch line featuring a limited run Boba Chette tee. Over in leaf land the team is gearing up for another run at Lord Stanley’s Mug, but are they better than last year and is Mike Babcock the right man for the job? Yahoo! Sports Canada's Sarah Jenkins joins us to preview the entire NHL season and Jake makes some BOLD season predictions. Over in the mailbag we are asked about the Monster Mash (46:06), dream interview subjects, favourite bars and of course we end it off with Sad / Not Sad.


[00:03:00] Hockey Season Is Here

[00:05:45] Introducing Our New Merch Line!

The Toronto Maple Leafs

[00:07:31] Are the Toronto Maple Leafs a better team in 2019-20?

[00:10:20] We will miss Jake Gardiner

[00:14:21] We are optimistic about this team folks!

[00:15:30] Is Babcock the right coach for this team?

[00:17:00] Introducing Sarah Jenkins

[00:18:35] Training Camp was long

[00:19:30] Who cares about Mitch Marner's contract!

NHL Preview

[00:22:00] Jake's sneaky good/bad NHL teams

[00:25:15] Who are the playoff locks in the NHL?

[00:28:25] It's not insane to think the Leafs could win the cup!

MLB Playoffs

[00:30:02] Who are you cheering for in the post-season?

Not So New Segments

[00:32:30] Song of the Week

[00:35:00] Match of the Week

[00:38:31] Does this freak you out?


[00:46:06] Who should cover the Monster Mash?

[00:46:40] If you could only watch one movie franchise for the rest of your life it would be?

[00:48:30] What would you do on your last day in Toronto?

[00:51:35] Dream interview subjects?

[00:54:20] Favourite Toronto Bar?

[00:57:21] Sad/Not Sad

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