Blake Murphy! Raptors Preview & NBA Predictions

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

This week the boys have a special guest: Blake Murphy. We kick off the podcast with this week’s beer: Autopop; thanks to our friends over at Blood Brothers Brewing. With the NBA season fast approaching, the guys take a deep dive into the Raptors roster. How big can Siakam play? Who will fill the starting bench of 15? Where will the Raps finish? All that and more will be answered in this thorough inspection. Looking past the Raptors, the guys give their takes on some of the intriguing teams and players across the league. Moving into our ‘not so new’ segments, does Jake get freaked out by pineapples? Mailbag gives us questions this week about a present day NBA Jam, pastries, and Mike Trout. And what’s Sportsfeld without the age-old question: Are you sad or not sad?


[00:00:29] Weather report

[00:03:21] Brewery of the Month - Blood Brothers Brewing

Deep Dive: Toronto Raptors 

[00:06:30] NBA season coming soon

[00:07:29] Blake’s take on the Raptors preseason

[00:08:53] Can Patrick McCaw start?

[00:09:40] Siakam’s got a big role

[00:10:55] Team play is vital without Kawhi

[00:14:14] Will the Raps have a solidified ‘Top 5’?

[00:16:00] Can Powell make a leap this year?

[00:18:05] Will we get a good look at Vanvleet?

[00:21:58] The development of OG Anunoby 

[00:26:10] Looking at the bottom of the rotation

[00:26:57] Terence Davis making himself known

[00:28:25] Will Matt Thomas crack the starting roster?

[00:30:15] Johnson and Jefferson are not impressing 

[00:31:26] Nurse’s comments send a message

[00:32:44] Malcolm Miller may be a surprise 

Looking Around the NBA

[00:33:50] What should we be looking for this year?

[00:34:39] Zion, Nickeil, and the Pelicans 

[00:35:29] West-coast fringe teams should be exciting 

[00:36:12] Isaac has case to be most improved player

[00:36:48] ‘San Andreas’ Clippers

[00:37:37] The league is deep 

[00:38:29] Raptors predictions - Wins, Seed, Playoff Result

Not So New Segments

[00:44:53] Song of the Week

[00:46:25] Match of the Week 

[00:50:29] Does this freak you out? (Pineapples)


[00:53:40] Who will be the most exasperating Raptor this season?

[00:56:09] What would a present-day NBA Jam look like?

[00:58:56] Which pastry is best?

[01:00:40] Will the Angels keep wasting Mike Trout?

[01:05:43] Is Lowry underrated by the league?

[01:12:55] What one fruit would you choose to eat for a year?

[01:17:45] Sad / Not Sad