Banner Time! Raptors Start the Season, Leafs Struggle & Honest Ed's

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Zubes and Jake are back just as the NBA season tips off with the reigning champions taking on the Pelicans; how do we think the Raps fared and how will the team play this year? Transitioning to the Maple Leafs, it’s becoming all too apparent that they haven’t been so hot; what does this mean for Babcock and the team? And let’s not forget Toronto FC as they continue to press forward in their trek to MLS Cup. Wrapping things up; Zubes is freaked out by Jake’s coffee fact, the mailbag brings questions of former sports franchises, a challenge with the devil and Honest Ed’s. As always, the guys conclude by asking themselves the question: are you sad or not sad. Thank you to Blood Brothers Brewing for another great beer: Shumei. 

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[00:00:29] This week’s rundown

[00:02:55] Brewery of the Month - Blood Brothers Brewing

Raptors and NBA Opening Night

[00:06:05] Raps win game 1 of 82

[00:08:15] One concern with the Raps

[00:10:58] Do they need a ‘guy’?

[00:13:25] Lakers vs. Clippers; Kawhi returns ‘home’

[00:14:59] Terence Davis could make the All-Rookie team

The Middling Maple Leafs

[00:18:16] Going .500 

[00:20:29] Babcock on the "lukewarm" seat 

[00:22:48] What if it wasn’t Babcock?

[00:24:54] Leafs have all the pieces… so what’s going on?

[00:26:40] Hyman, Dermott and Tavares are out 

Toronto FC and Other News

[00:27:06] Toronto FC are making a run for it 

[00:32:13] F*ck the Astros

[00:32:40] Taubman's outburst

Not So New Segments

[00:35:13] Match of the Week

[00:36:57] Song of the Week 

[00:37:40] Does this freak you out? (Pre-ground coffee)


[00:43:14] If you could bring back one former sports franchise, which would it be?

[00:44:14] If you had to challenge the devil, what activity would you pick? 

[00:47:53] What would you buy from Honest Ed’s?

[00:52:17] Would you eat steak from the dollar store?

[00:52:54] What sport would horses excel at?

[00:57:12] Sad / Not Sad

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