WTF Leafs?! Buds Losing Streak, Harry Styles & Holiday Edibles

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

NOTE: In typical Sportsfeld fashion, Mike Babcock was fired right after taping.

Winter is here, the holiday spirit is in the air, and the boys are back in the studio for another week of Sportsfeld! It is becoming ever clearer that the Leafs aren’t who we thought coming into this season. With six straight losses and nothing changing, something has got to give. Hotspur made a stir, firing Pochettino in favour of Mourinho, and feelings are mixed. The MLB Rule 5 draft is fast approaching, and the Blue Jays face tough decisions to finalize their 40-man roster. Who will be cut, and what additions will be made? Zubes shares his fear of the Megalodon, and the mailbag is already brimming with holiday questions about favourite seasonal chocolates and drinks. The weekly segment Sad / Not Sad finishes off the show. 

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[00:00:29] The holidays are here!

[00:02:56] This week’s rundown

[00:04:28] Brewery of the Month - Avling Brewery

[00:08:41] Sportsfeld vs. Don Cherry 

Toronto Maple Leafs

[00:11:14] Leafs suck 

[00:12:25] Who’s to blame for their performance?

[00:15:55] They look fine on paper, but… 

[00:18:34] … it’s the players not playing

[00:19:32] Aside from Babcock, the Leafs need change

[00:20:46] Do the Leafs make the playoffs?

Blue Jays Offseason & Tottenham

[00:23:28] Tottenham names Mourinho as new head coach

[00:27:38] Blue Jays 40-man roster and Rule 5 deadline

[00:29:59] Possible additions to the roster

[00:33:05] Drury is Canadian?

[00:35:30] Zubes loves the Rule 5 draft

[00:36:38] We miss the Stroman drama

[00:38:49] Bring in Lucas Duda!

Not So New Segments

[00:40:12] Song of the Week

[00:48:48] Match of the Week

[00:49:17] Does the Megalodon freak you out?


[00:53:25] What’s the best Christmas chocolate?

[00:54:01] Snubs & surprises from the Grammy nominations?

[00:54:45] When is it time for the Arsenal Fan TV-style uprising outside Scotiabank Arena?

[00:55:35] What’s your favourite holiday drink?

[00:58:56] What’s more exciting; in-game action or out-of-game news?

[01:00:13] Is ITYSL season 2 doomed to mediocrity? 

[01:01:32] What sport is next for Toronto?

[01:03:00] What are you bringing to your Grey Cup party? 

[01:04:58] Which do think there are more of on earth; humans or chairs?

[01:06:49] Have you been to any indy wrestling shows in Toronto?

[01:07:29] Blue Jays update 

[01:11:11] Sad / Not Sad

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