Not Surprised. Hockey Culture, Canada Basketball & Papa John

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

This week, we bring on friend of the podcast and co-host to StringerLabs' very own Columbia House Party - Blake Murphy! After last week’s show, Babcock found himself out of Toronto and out of a job. The guys discuss the evolving game of hockey and why the Leafs needed this change. As more news surfaced, we found out about an incident Babcock had with Marner. This in turn triggered a chain of events that are now exposing the flawed nature of hockey culture. Canadian Basketball is ramping up to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with qualifiers happening next year. Jake shares a mind-bending article about the universe, and this week’s mailbag brings the guys questions about battle animals, coffee makers, and pizza. Closing out the show is another edition of Sad / Not Sad. 

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[00:00:29] Sports rundown

[00:04:01] Brewery of the Month - Avling Brewery

Babcock is Out

[00:06:32] Babcock out of LeafLand 

[00:07:19] The game is young

[00:08:50] Fit the schemes to the personnel 

[00:12:34] The dislike for Babs coaching style

[00:15:25] Babs questionable strategy with Marner

Hockey Culture 

[00:19:30] Bill Peters, Daniel Carcillo expose the culture 

[00:21:24] Hockey culture is severely flawed

[00:25:42] The culture is stuck in the past 

[00:28:04] Everyone is guilty 

[00:29:04] What we’re hearing is just the beginning 

Canada Basketball - Olympic Qualifiers

[00:30:34] Preparing for next summer

[00:32:27] Giannis and Greece

[00:33:15] The depth of Team Canada

[00:36:22] Jake isn’t getting his hopes up 

[00:40:02] The Raps and women’s national team have set an expectation for Canada

Not So New Segments

[00:42:28] Song of the Week 

[00:46:10] Match of the Week 

[00:47:34] Does the universe freak you out? 


[00:52:59] If you got a $1000 gift card for any store, which one would you choose? 

[00:54:13] What non-traditional animal would you ride into battle?

[00:56:03] How excited should we be for Canadian tennis?

[00:57:00] Do TC Tuggers come in different styles?

[00:57:05] Do you have any recommendations for a good coffee maker? 

[00:59:01] Is ESPN trolling Raps fans for online fan engagement? 

[00:59:28] What one skill would you go back to redevelop? 

[01:01:06] Is chocolate a candy?

[01:01:52] How many pizzas could you realistically eat in 30 days? 

[01:09:55] Sad / Not Sad

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