All-Star VanVleet! Freddy, Keefe's Honeymoon Over & Deep Dish Pizza

The decade may be coming to a close, but the sports season keeps on chugging. Lowry is back in the Raps rotation just in time to experience the team's first home loss and we find ourselves asking ‘should we be concerned with the Raps losing to rival teams?’ Speaking of concern, the Leafs are back to their former selves as they “just quit” against the Flyers. Scrutiny is growing for Matthews as this team needs answers, and fast. The Blue Jays are looking to make a splash this off-season as they hope to acquire a pitcher, but will this team “ever" be good? Zubes gets a fan suggestion this week that freaks out Jake and the mailbag comes bearing gifts with more holiday-inspired questions, and one interesting query about deep dish pizza. We wrap things up with another edition of Sad / Not Sad. 


[00:01:36] Sports is chugging along 

[00:04:46] Brewery of the Month - Radical Road Brewing Co. 

Toronto Raptors

[00:06:49] Lowry returns, Raps lose to Heat 

[00:08:02] Is losing to good teams concerning? 

[00:11:52] Powell is increasing his value

[00:13:38] Proposition to trade for J.J. Redick 

[00:15:14] Who is Fred VanVleet?

[00:18:56] Gasol vs. Ibaka 

[00:20:46] Could DeRozan land in the East? 

Toronto Maple Leafs

[00:22:12] Shore claimed off waivers

[00:23:00] They’re back… can Keefe really change this team?

[00:24:05] Maybe there are deeper problems with this team

[00:25:57] Questions for Matthews 

[00:29:27] If this team doesn’t perform with Marner… 

Toronto Blue Jays

[00:30:49] Jays have their eye on pitchers 

[00:32:22] Going for the ‘right guys’

[00:33:17] The Pillar trade was nothing!

[00:35:29] The 2015 team all hate the Jays 

[00:37:12] The Jays will never be good again 

[00:39:23] They really f***ed up 2016 

Not So New Segments

[00:43:05] Song of the Week 

[00:43:16] Match of the Week 

[00:43:58] Does sleep paralysis freak you out? 


[00:47:26] What is your favourite part of the holidays? 

[00:48:28] Is deep dish pizza really a pizza? 

[00:54:30] Which of the ‘Big 4’ sports has changed the most over the decade? 

[00:56:32] What was your favourite year for music and wrestling this past decade? 

[00:58:26] Marry, f***, kill - PS2, GameCube, Xbox

[00:59:05] What’s the worst place you’ve taken a dump? 

[01:01:43] If you had to forget one of the following athletes, who would you choose: Sundin, Lowry, Bautista? 

[01:02:29] What was the most exciting transaction of the week? 

[01:03:12] Which form of transportation do you enjoy the most? 

[01:04:44] What is the best / worst Christmas songs? 

[01:06:57] Of the 12 days of Christmas, what is the best gift? 

[01:11:11] Sad / Not Sad

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