Kawhi's Back! Raps Rough Patch & Bad Jays

It may be cold outside but the sports talk stays hot on this week’s episode of Sportsfeld. Kawhi is back in town to pay his old team a visit as the Clippers will face off against the Raptors. There is concern to be had with the Raps continuing to lose to good teams; can they overcome the struggles of last week and stay on pace for a 57 win season? The Blue Jays have their winter meetings and once again nothing seems to be happening. With Gerrit Cole being snagged up by the divisional rival Yankees, options for pitchers are becoming more and more scarce. Jake sends shivers down Zubes’ spine with his creepy fact about death, and the mailbag brings in questions about arena music, fighting sun bears and holiday drinks. We finish the show with Sad / Not Sad. 

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[00:00:29] It’s snot freezing season!

[00:01:35] Kawhi is back in town

[00:03:53] Jays winter meetings

[00:04:47] Brewery of the Month - Radical Road Brewing Co. 

Toronto Raptors

[00:08:11] Dropped 3 straight games to good teams

[00:09:49] “I miss Kawhi”

[00:11:45] Concerned with Siakam 

[00:13:28] It’s starting to feel like the 'Demar era'

[00:15:13] Can OG step up his game?

[00:17:08] Looking at the Raps schedule down the stretch 

[00:20:48] We love President Masai!

[00:25:34] MerchFeld! Spicy P Christmas Tee

Toronto Blue Jays

[00:27:11] Winter meetings and “signings” 

[00:29:25] The Jays are so bad it’s frustrating 

[00:31:47] Bringing back Edwin is a really bad idea

[00:32:21] “They’re f***ed”

[00:33:51] How long can they keep doing nothing with no consequences?

[00:37:44] By 2022, things will have to change 

[00:38:39] Who’s left that can make this team better?

[00:42:09] They’ll make a Rule 5 pick and nothing else 

Not So New Segments

[00:44:20] Song of the Week 

[00:47:07] Match of the Week 

[00:49:34] Does hearing when you die freak you out? 


[00:51:35] What sport could you fake your way through a conversation?

[00:53:38] What arena song would you like to see banished forever? 

[00:56:30] What would you do over and over for $9,000 each time you did it? 

[00:57:49] Where do ‘Flanders Style’ rank among nachos? 

[00:59:01] Could you win a fight against a sun bear? 

[01:01:39] Would you rather only have to sleep 4 hours per day or only need to eat once per day?

[01:02:41] What one drink would you choose to have at all of your holiday gatherings?

[01:06:00] How many phone numbers do you know by heart? 

[01:08:19] Sad / Not Sad 

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