Mailbag Madness! Moving Cities, Best Foods & Live Advice

Happy holidays from Sportsfeld! In this special episode, we wanted to give you the chance to ask us your most pressing questions and you did not disappoint. Questions ranging from food, personal life, sports and more were asked and answered on this hour long mailbag. Tune in to find out what city Jake and Zubes would move to, their highs and lows of the decade, their starting lineup of restaurants to order from and life advice for their younger selves. Thank you all for your support for the show, this one’s for you. 


[00:00:28] Happy holiday week! 

[00:01:32] Brewery of the Month - Radical Road Brewing Co. 


[00:03:18] What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to the 2010 version of yourself? 

[00:04:39] What’s your favourite little pleasure?

[00:06:23] Where would you choose if you had to move to any North American City and cheer for their sports teams?

[00:12:48] What was the best transaction of the year? 

[00:15:09] hat was the best meal you ate this year?

[00:18:03] What are you boys doing to get in shape for your 2020 weddings? 

[00:21:27] What is your best tweet ever? 

[00:23:26] What is the best method to prepare shrimp? 

[00:25:06] What general life things have you changed your opinions on from five years ago?

[00:28:11] What was your highest high and lowest low of the decade? 

[00:31:29] Chicken tendies or non-tendies? 

[00:34:06] What other sport is in most need of a puppy-bowl style analogue, and what animals would you use? 

[00:36:41] Would ‘Radioactive Man’ the film been a success if Bart was cast instead of Milhouse?

[00:38:24] What’s the nicest thing someone did for you this year? 

[00:41:07] By weight, what did you consume the most of in 2019? 

[00:43:14] What makes a good cold slice of pizza? Who makes the best pizza for eating cold? 

[00:46:12] Lindor truffle ranking? 

[00:48:33] What’s your all-decade starting five of places you ordered food from? 

[00:53:52] Does anyone else have a crush on Blake or just me? 

[00:54:04] What, if any celebrity events (death, scandal, etc.) actually affected you? 

[00:55:16] Bat Flip or Kawhi Rim Shot? 

[00:57:26] Could you realistically kick a 10 yard field goal? 

[00:58:06] What video game world would you most want to live in? 

[00:58:51] Who are your men’s and women’s wrestlers of the year? 

[00:59:27] Which aspect of pro wrestling should be incorporated into the four major North American sports leagues?

[01:00:28] Top 5 albums of the decade? 

[01:00:43] Which sport could you be a professional scout in the longest before getting found out? 

[01:01:39] What life advice would Jake have for younger Zubes? And vice versa.

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