• Sportsfeld

Spring Training! Baseball's Back, Vladdy's Physique & Optimistic Zubes

On this episode we talk about:

01:30 - Introducing Drew Fairservice

02:28 - The true power of Spring Training

03:00 - Bryce Harper is a Philly, Machado a Padre

05:00 - Transactions make the world go round

07:53 - Building through prospect development

8:30 - Tulo & Clearing the deck for a manager

11:00 - That type of sports fan...

13:30 - The Vladdy Jr. conversation, will he/won't he

14:05 - Holding him back is not legal, it's a lie and unfair.

17:15 - Insider Scoop: Vlad Jr. is BIG

19:09 - Jake still thinks Stroman is tall

22:30 - The gang chats big league ass

23:33 - Drew's clubhouse story

27:00 - Blue Jays outfield talk

35:40 - Moving on to Infield talk

46:35 - Rotation talk, Drew loves Stro, Jake thinks he is tall


53:12 - Worst part of Spring Training?

53:50 - Best cold leftover?

54:45 - Best way to bald?

58:25 - The best donut you ever had?

1:00:55 - What event do you with you had a Sportfeld episode for during your hiatus?

1:02:10 - The best song on Big Shiny Tunes 2?

1:04:40 - Where would you go in the world and receive the John Tavares treatment?

1:07:30 - Rank how much you are enjoying the downfall of Sens, Lakers, Celtic, Oilers?

1:10:00 - Which athlete would you want to join you to fight off mummy's in a tomb?

1:11:50 - Sad/Not Sad


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