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Gareth Wheeler: College, Malignant Melanoma and Old Men Sitting on a Porch

Gareth Wheeler (TSN) and Clay talk about Wheeler's college years (10:23), story telling in the sports world (13:28), how social media is just weird (22:09), Gareth's 12 year battle with malignant melanoma (26:40), how Gareth and Clay are just steps away from being two old men sitting on a porch (33:04), Stranger Things 2 (39:18), Gareth's guilty pleasure (46:06), an ode to Looch & Eryn (55:12), Clay's embarrassing confession (1:03:42) and Wheeler's words of wisdom (1:08:00).

Show Notes

00:10:23 - Wheeler: The College Years

00:13:28 - Storytelling in the Sports World

00:18:11 - Taking a Knee

00:22:09 - Social Media is just Weird

00:26:40 - Twelve Year Battle with Malignant Melanoma

00:33:04 - Old Men Sitting on a Porch

00:39:18 - Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven... and us

00:46:06 - Gareth's Guilty Pleasure

00:52:07 - When Fan Clubs Attack

00:55:12 - An Ode to Looch and Eryn

01:03:42 - Clay's Embarrassing Confession 6

01:08:00 - Wheeler's Words of Wisdom

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