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Taylor Shold: Suits, Coach's Corner and Millennials Excising Bats

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Taylor Shold (Hockey Night in Canada) opens up his chat with Clay with some mad love for Ryerson's RTA program (5:58) before pondering the viability of a poorly thought out joint podcast venture (21:02). Clay gets called out for being an ass (24:31), we discover how a millennial removes a bat from his home (30:46), Taylor's rules for TV watching (38:13), that one time Taylor was on Suits (40:22), birthing Shold Media Group (49:51) and getting shoutouts from Ron and Grapes on Coach's Corner (59:25).

Show Notes

00:05:58 - RTA Represent

00:08:06 - Tee Shold: The Origin Story

00:16:38 - On Demand Radio, What is this Wizardry?

00:21:02 - Water Cooler Talk: A Poorly Thought Out Pod

00:24:31 - Clay's an Ass

00:30:46 - How a Millennial Excises a Bat From his House

00:38:13 - Rules for TV Shows - As Written by T. Shold

00:40:22 - That One Time Taylor was on Suits

00:46:59 - Trying to Appease Apple Haters

00:49:51 - Birthing Shold Media Group

00:55:05 - Shoutouts to Dee, Mike and Kat

00:59:25 - Getting Love from Coach's Corner

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