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Armen Bedakian: Tapas, Satan's Cat and the Theory of Politetivity

Armen Bedakian (The Score) joins Clay to talk about his traumatic adventures in Montreal (8:10), Satan’s Cat (9:20), not saving lives (21:15), why Canadians are so polite (27:00) and Canadian Tire’s fight against winter (29:40). Armen brings up the time he skipped out on Sean FitzGerald for Jermain Defoe (37:20), how the internet hates everything (44:45) and going from typos to tapas (46:00).

Show Notes

00:06:00 - Don't Call Yourself a Journalist

00:08:10 - Traumatic Adventures in Montreal

00:09:15 - Satan's Cat

00:12:40 - TFC, a Mexican Team?

00:21:25 - We're Not Saving Lives

00:24:45 - "Toronto" - Hey Somebody Mentioned Us!

00:27:00 - The Theory of Politetivity

00:29:40 - Canadian Tire Contraptions

00:31:25 - Another Ryerson Grad

00:37:20 - Leaving Sean Fitzgerald for Jermaine Defoe

00:44:45 - The Internet Hates You

00:46:00 - Typos to Tapas?

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