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Megan Robinson: FOMO, Grandma Life and Social Media Stalking

Megan Robinson (Global News) and Clay talk about stalking on social media (11:05), the story behind her first twitter handle (17:58), her trips to Newfoundland (21:20), living in a van (24:23) and embracing the Grandma Life (29:35). Megan shares her motto (38:58), how her grandmother watches her on mute (45:08) and leaves us with her own take of the Stringer sign-off (52:50).

Show Notes

00:11:02 - Social Media Stalking

00:17:49 - "The Story of a Girl"

00:19:16 - Are You on Tv?!

00:21:17 - FOMO on Fogo Island

00:24:03 - Van Life

00:27:16 - Clay and Megan: The Origin Story

00:29:31 - Grandma Life

00:34:45 - Bill Bellichuck, "Do Your Job"

00:38:56 - Why Not Me?

00:45:06 - Nana Watches Me on Mute

00:50:30 - Getting Out of the City

00:52:50 - Love Each Other

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