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Matthew Sharpe: Storytelling, Startup Life and the Anti-George Lucas

Matthew Sharpe (Daring Boy) let’s Clay know all about startup life (09:07) and how he embarked on creating something each day (10:24). He discusses the trials and tribulations of being a Patriots fans (16:00), Clay discusses directing (22:14), how he is the anti-George Lucas (25:55) and putting shit on magnets (34:50). We end with working with talented people (46:38), loving the storytellers (53:48) and how Marvel are dominating the poster game (55:18).

Show Notes

00:09:06 - Startup Life

00:10:22 - A Piece of Art a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

00:15:58 - Appreciation Turns to Expectation

00:17:42 - Matt's Work

00:22:14 - Try to Guess What Time It Is

00:25:52 - The Anti-George Lucas

00:31:50 - One-on-On is My Life!

00:34:41 - "Yeah Bitch! Magnets!" - Jesse Pinkman

00:42:57 - Pitching the Moon

00:46:38 - Working with Talented People

00:53:48 - Loving the Storytellers

00:55:18 - Marvel Posters are the New Star Wars

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