Crossover - 416 Sports Show: Hockey, Harry Potter and Star Wars

It’s another crossover episode! Matt Di Nicolantonio, host of the 416 Sports Show, reveals that he in fact was actually the first ever Stringer Podcast guest (7:32) before giving his two cents on Universal Studios’ Harry Potter World (9:04), how he can no longer afford to go on vacation (11:12), his complete immersion in sports (24:38) and his journey to becoming a broadcaster (28:18). When trying to relate his story of meeting Marina Sirtis Clay finds absolutely no allies (45:06), which makes sense seeing as though Matt hates Star Wars (45:20) and so together they do their best to try to figure out which monumental films he needs to see (49:07).

Show Notes

00:07:23 - The OG (Original Guest)

00:08:52 - Harry Potter World

00:11:12 - We Can't Afford to Go on Vacation

00:12:57 - Guess the Goalscorer

00:24:47 - Surrounded by Sports

00:28:30 - Origin Story: Matt Di Nicolantonio

00:33:56 - The Ability to do What We Love

00:41:38 - They Know Nothing About Me, but We're Friends

00:45:14 - Meeting Deanna Troi... (crickets)

00:45:29 - Matt Hates Star Wars

00:49:07 - Rapid Fire: Must See Movies

00:54:28 - Harry Potter Pt. 2: Naming Cats

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